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"Zen" in Your Hand - #WRISToknow

Another week with the #WRISToknow topic from to discuss in details with a specific watch from a specific brand that has a special place in our hearts.

As one of the most influential local brands in Indonesia with watches as the main subject, Lima comes again to the industry with the latest design based on the Zen Garden.

Called as “Zenga” aka the Zen Garden, this model comes with 2 type of dial finishing in black and white. From my perspective, you can feel how the dial really plays a big role for this model. The texture itself is 3 dimentional surface. Beside the dial, their second hand plays a big role too, the thin sweeper rotating around the dial that reminds us of the tranquility concept of Zen. 

When you put this piece on the wrist, the size is just at the sweet spot, 38 mm, with Teak or Maple wood finish to complete the look. The combination itself with the 316L hairline finish steel in gold and silver really make another challenge when people is going to choose their piece. The other side of the aspect to be looked into the piece is the non-lume hands or dial, stand at a perfect space for the minimalism enthusiast around. The heart is the quartz Seiko VH31 swipe second which will give you the illusion on how automatic watches will be.

Overall this watch really steal the attention for the watch enthusiast or collectors especially for the one who’s looking for the unique yet subtle piece of designer series. Genuine Italian Calf leather, nubuck lining and custom made buckle as the additions really make this piece a great comer for the market.  Lima Zenga will be launched on July 15th, so stay tune on the web and be prepared for the launch! Danny Aw -

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