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Sunday morning means another break time to meet with #berdetikPARTNER. This morning we met with a young girl who has a lot of influence in the today’s sneakers industry, called her as Nov.

In this #berdetikPARTNER session we ask Nov to meet us and discuss about her perspective towards the watch industry. At a very young age, she’s 21 this year FYI, Nov discussed that she has been in this industry since 2017 starting with her first watch is the two tone submariner that she bought from Audrio (Click link to check out our interview with Audrio).

Although she’s young but her she has her own “fresh” perspective towards this industry. She also owns Freak Out Media which cover pop culture newest trends and also featuring her collections that is actually representative of her style. One of them is her beloved Tudor Black Bay, the first re-issue in burgundy bezel. She owns the one with the rose logo and self-winding inscription on the dial.

After Tudor she moved into another collection, the Rolex 16610 Kermit, 16710 Coke, and 16750 Pepsi, but all of those pieces that she owned gave no excitement on her daily basis. Nov prefer to wear something subtle yet hold value for her. Later in 2018 her excitement grows more into vintage watches, this is portrayed on the next level acquisition of Red Submariner. She prefers to wear it in leather strap than steel to keep it subtle and this piece is her daily beater. Her next catch is also profound which is the boy size date just with diamond index but still in black dial to keep subtle. This beauty piece is her choice for a special occasion.

After a long journey in 2018 and in 2019 there’s several watch that going in and out from her collections, such as the GMT Batman and Lady Patek. She found out that she’s not that comfortable to wear pieces that look too familiar in the market and prefer to keep subtle. At last, she bought the all time favorite ceramic Rolex Daytona with white dial and black bezel. All of those pieces that Nov has now really represents what she wants. When asked, what is her next wish, it’s her grail, the Patek Phillipe 5711 with blue dial, a stunning piece which everyone wants to have.

Between these 2 hours discussion, one learning can be derived as when she owned all of this amazing pieces through months of hard work and even yearly, not in flash-of-time. With fun and cool personality, surely she’s the upcoming star from this horology industry with her new vision and perspective. Collecting is not just about the money value, but collect the one that really suits you, to be your daily companion.

After all thank you @smirrrrnov for this amazing session and hope to see you on the next one.

Cheers, Danny Aw founder of

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