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Unspoken Rules - Private Watch Collectors Get Together (GTG)

The term ‘GTG’ is widely used between Watch Collectors these days as their ‘hanging out time’. While the hang out may or may not be involving boozes, there’s one thing that will definitely be there, pile of watches in the middle of the table as a centerpiece of their gathering!

Given the intimacy of the gathering, having your watches (yes, you should bring more than one watch to a GTG for sure!) next to other watches, being stared and ‘touched’ by other persons in the group (still talking about your watches here LOL), are some of the main reasons why a GTG is usually held in private amongst members of the group only. Even though in some extend, occasionally the invitation may be granted to member’s guest: friend(s) who are being vouched by the group member(s).

Been to many Private GTGs in the past, whether as a member of the group or as member’s guest, thought I save you some trouble and share some unspoken rules in a GTG that may come handy, especially if you’re being invited to one for the first time and plan to be invited the next time!

First unspoken rule is that it’s OK to check other people’s watch in the palm of your hand but DO NOT PLAY with the complication of the watch and DO NOT PUT IT ON YOUR WRIST unless you have asked permission to the owner of the watch. Playing with the complication means pulling out the crown to try to set the time/day/date, pushing the chronograph button to start/stop/reset the chrono-function, rotating the bezel, and so on. In my humblest opinion, I personally won’t even dare to ask for permission and will only go as far as politely asking the owner of the watch to, for instance, setting up the time to 10:10 so that I can take a better shot with their watch. This is applicable for all kind of watches, especially but not limited only to vintage watches even though they are more vulnerable than modern watches.

Next rule is about the security of everyone in the GTG. No matter how it’s exciting for you to share the experience of a GTG to the world through your social media account, please DO NOT POST LIVE/SHARE THE LOCATION of the GTG. In some cases, the exact location of a private GTG is usually being shared to the member’s guest last minute/near the date for this precaution. Is it too much? Well, better to be safe than sorry, right? In short, try to keep it low key and wait until the GTG is over, then you may post about it all you want.

Last but not least, talking about posting in social media, don’t forget to tag and give credit to the owner of the watch in your posting. After all, it’s the least you can do to thank them for letting you handled their watches, yes?

Now that you have it all covered, do not forget to have fun in GTGs! :)

Cheers! Ed from @watchunting

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