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The Comeback from a Legend

The return of AW10 from the respected Braun is really a thrill for some people.

An exact reproduction was created under the supervised of Lubs himself. The iconic typeface, shape, yellow hand and “Made in Germany” are really the icons from the design. Born from a perspective, wristwatch should has the function to display time in most functional way as possible, AW 10 is a part of the project together with the reissued of AW 50 (Which we have reviewed on previous link, click here).

AW 10 comes up with simpler mechanism than AW 50 by showing no date but the dial itself it’s more complex, say the 3 hands type, branding logo - quartz text and numeral on the black dial on AW10. When you look from the finishing textures from AW10 you’ll feel the soft textures lugs and black doff bezel.

From the sideways, the unique part is the lower position of crown (to ensure we have a better control on the time setting) and the character of Braun design is really “perfect” from this part. The appearance of lug holes also make the changeable 18mm strap become so much fun and easier. Black fixed bezel from this AW10 has a really considerable shape, from above you’ll see a perfect size for the wrist on daily basis but on the part that sits to our skin it’s smaller, to ensure the comfort.

To be hands-on with this amazing piece is another new experience for us and hope to see much more historical items from the past to be reviewed on

Cheers, Berdetik's Team.

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