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Summer on the Wrist

Starting this 2020 article with the special gift from @morebymorello. We received this special brand and got to review it immediately (cause we are too excited)!

Known as a non-square shape watch, @bristonwatches started their journey by introducing this unique line up called as "Clubmaster", yep the pronunciation is similar with one of the historical sunglasses brand and we can see why. Made of cellulose acetate (the model that we received), remind us of a summer feeling where usually this kind of classic retro color will present in the 60-70s color. Combined with the silver sunburst sandwich dial, @bristonwatches Clubmaster Classic is really stand-out amongst the other. But, the sandwich dial is not illuminate in the dark like PAM watches have.

In terms of the details, we really salute about the details in crown (sandwich type with combination of rubber and steel, engraved with the logo), combination of steel in lug and cellulose acetate and the composition wise of brand - model's name on dial. Hands will also illuminate and it's a perfect one in size if we compare to the dial. Smooth bezel with steel look also tone down the cellulose acetate from the body material so we can feel the balance.

What we really love about @bristonwatches is how they represent their brand value through out the finishing until packaging. Even as simple as the nato got an engraving, written down "briston", simply travel pouch comes together with the purchase too. Looking closer to the Nato strap and we can feel it's a lil bit short for a big wrist but suits perfectly for us (especially the one who don't like extra length on nato strap). Screwback case to make the battery changing easier and non fix lug (like the military model) to keep strap changing fun.

Last but not least, it's a quartz powered watch with quick set date and stop second function. Not dedicated to automatic lovers but design wise and balance of the look it worth a place on your collection.

Thank you @morebymorello for the chance!

Danny Aw,

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