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Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Sat down for a while, waiting for the upcoming #berdetikPARTNER to come. Today we have a special guest, not from the horology world, but he celebrates moments through watches and known as the artisan/founder of One of the stars in the wedding photography and videography vendor.

Introducing Edo from Morden, check out for his amazing works at @lvcasedo. Accompanied by couple cups of coffee and tea, our early morning meeting started with bunch of watches. Not so many but they are meaningful. For Edo, collecting is like the journey of art, you learn, adapt and discover the world out of your comfort zone. Cause when we discussed from one collection to another, you can really see how’s every piece has a special place at Edo’s heart.

Starting from the simplest one, as usual vintage Omega always succeeded to captive the heart of collectors and it also did capture Edo’s heart. The simple look, date or no date function and even some with the manual or automatic movement included the famous bumper one. For Edo, this vintage Seamaster started his journey. The kind of watch that he chose to celebrate the love, he wore it on his engagement until before the wedding day. Another beauty of this watch is the memory that stays in it, this is one of the watch that his Father recognize when he start collecting. The beauty from itself is undoubtable stunning cause of the “perfect” case size, rose gold plated and some tiny details really play a big part for the dial look. This watch is also the beginning of Edo’s journey where you can see gold color is always kind of his color.

Moving on to another stunning piece which is the famous #Rolex1601, watch that collectors fancy to enjoy or own because of the simplicity and look. This vintage Datejust can come in certain of colors, silver, black, blue or maybe rarer white one. Edo has a lovely one in two tone (silver and gold) color in the silver-white dial and T Swiss T dial. This watch played a big role especially because Edo chose this watch to be his wedding watch. To celebrate a big day with the one and only. The simplicity, two tone color, combined with vintage jubillee really captivated Edo and made sure that he chose this for his big day.

When Seamaster and Datejust have their special place, the daily beater for Edo is the vintage #Rolex1803. For him, this collection really suits to his daily. To see the function of day and date and when we are paying attention to the details this piece has the mark of “sigma” on the dial. The rare version of #Rolex1803 where every single index and hands are made of gold. This collection is really heavy in weight cause of the solid 18K gold case but for Edo It’s just perfect at every aspect and angle. The reminder for himself how important his journey on the past, the experience and the most important is the celebration of every up and down seasons for him.

Another fresh catch for him is the vintage Universal Geneve with the stunning condition. Every side is perfectly matched included the glass signed with UG logo and magnifier glass for date window. This piece is another gold plated that Edo has in the collection, he wears it on special occasion to look simple yet full of details when you are looking on the wrist. Watch that can start a long conversation amongst the collectors and enthusiasts. One of the highlight when I looked for this watch this the difference in finishing on the dial. Play with light and we’ll see the difference. It’s just perfect on every aspect.

Last but not least, Edo’s simplest collection which he considered as a piece of art, Vintage Lemania Sub-Sec where he really loves how the dial turns and evolves overtime. For him, the beauty lies on the dial where he always pays a detail attention to it.

Unfortunately, this session with Edo should ends here. Discussing our passion and hobby in a nearly 3 hours session. Not just about watches but the personal thought and way of life are really one of the beauties of #berdetikPARTNER session. Glad to see you Edo! Hope we can meet on the next round again to see your next moments and story.

Time to grab your watch, make memories and happy hunting! Cheers,

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