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Moto Jam: 1st Batch

Sharing is caring, yesterday's Basic and Trick in Watch Photography is all about that. The idea behind this project is because we always got tons of questions on how to take great picture of their watch collections and finally us and @watchunting came up with this. We want to make this class not to one-way kind of class when we explain all the theoritical knowledge but we want them to experience and get involved as well. With a total amount of 10 people in the class we divide the sessions of learning into theory, practical and sharing sessions. To make the class more excited, we also got Lima Watch as our sponsor, not only to provide watches for the "practical" session but they also want to give the best attendees with the best photo their latest Zenga Watch! This definitely increase the excitement within the group.

In total we spent around 6 hours together in this class and we feel that discussion is the biggest part of this session and making this feels like a "Mini GTG" session with fellow watch enthusiast who also bring some of their great collections.

Opened by Berdetik to talk about tools insight, how to style your photo, which are the best angles and also insider trick (plus DIY equipment) to make your watch elements stands out, followed by Watch Hunting deeper analysis on watch elements, we hope to enrich the knowledge of attendants and guide them to have their own concept or theme.

After all the theory session, we move to the practical part where everyone can implement the tips and tricks from previous session. Below are some of the great results:

If we can conclude, it was a perfect weekend with fellow watch and photography enthusiast to share and learn something new about Basic and Trick in Watch Photography. For those of you who are interested to join the next class, email us now for pre-inquiries!

Cheers, Berdetik's team!

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