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Life After Six

As we are all aware of, there has been an outrageous growth of Indonesian local brands across industries for the past 3-5 years. We are also excited to see the cultural shift where the people have started to believe in the quality of local brands across industries, including in the industry of luxury such as a watch brand.

This time we are honored with the opportunity to review a brand that was featured in our #BerdetikPartner with Rendy Pandugo. Recognized as one of the first premium local watch brands in Indonesia with the satisfying quality, introducing you to ‘NAM watches’.

Prior to this review, we’ve been watching NAM Watches as it has made itself a very strong contender in this country within the watch industry since they have been there for quite a while. But what really differentiates them with other local brands?

The name ‘NAM’ itself is derived from the word “enam” which in Bahasa Indonesia means ‘six. The founders believe that everything in life starts at six, both AM and PM. At 6 AM in the morning, we usually prepare ourselves to start our day for either working or studying on to the next transition at 6 pm when we may still start enjoying our evening before bed time. Besides the interesting story behind its name, the design concept itself for us is also making a statement for a timepiece, with its variety of a simple dressy watch to a heavy influence of pilot watch.

On our wrist, there is their first signature called Krakatoa. This is their second version as the team has made significant improvements on the design, material and identity. We can feel how they’ve designed this watch with the size that’s suitable for the domestic market. It just fits perfectly for modern-feel look but not for the vintage enthusiast who’s looking for a smaller option. This piece speaks for their audience as being subtle but at the same time, you can notice some details are really on point here.  

The dial itself is another additional value for us as it has successfully highlighted the details around the dial, hands, and date window. 

The playability from shadow inside the dial is a really good one with some highlight of red line.

The crown engraved with their logo has also shown us that NAM watches is all about details, execution, and experience in this industry. Completed with the black 316L Stainless Case, Krakatoa by NAM is all you need to make a statement during your casual evening. It’s also available with the blue dial to stand out during the day. Although they share the same size, shape, and dimension, we can see that both models speak for different personalities, masculinity and elegance.

Notice their statement of pride with the engraved batik behind its back case that carries its Indonesian identity, which also has a quick release strap function (which really helpful for people nowadays). The leather strap is printed with NAM logo and made of a genuine leather but you might feel a little bit stiff during your first time of wearing. Mineral glass is flat not dome, we are just curious with how the dome glass will give more impact towards the dial and finishing.

Their choice of movement by using quartz Miyota shows a strong knowledge about their position and target market. Overall, the experience has surpassed our expectation, thus making us believe that the future of local wristwatch products and brands will grow even more with the right information and education on the features.

Thank you @namwatch for the opportunity to feature your watch collection and hands-on time. We certainly hope to meet you again in the next round. 


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