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Learn from History, Preserve for the Future

Introducing to you the legendary re-edition of the 79’ Timex Q exclusively brought to Indonesia by @thewatchco. Berdetik team has the privilege to got the firsthand hands-on preview.

This watch really met our expectations, from the quality, robust feeling, the “retro” look and the function, excluding the Pepsi looks like bezel which is not dedicated for diving function.

Sized at 38 mm Timex Q really fits to the nowadays era where people are looking for the simple, understated yet stylish piece. The look itself really represents how “retro” should be with the bi-directional bezel but without the clicking sound. Worn it for couple of hours, we can feel how the woven stainless steel bracelet really fits to wrist without being bothered about the weight.

From the build quality itself, Timex Q has a lot of details that our eyes can’t missed from the finishing texture until the shapes that covered the design.

The designer, who is Giorgio Galli, really pulled the best from the re-edition from 1979 when we can imagine how this piece really stands out amongst the others during the era and the Q itself represent how this watch represented the importance of quartz movement at that time at quartz crisis where the Swiss watch industry was facing a really big problem starting from the new quartz movement that beat the accuracy from mechanical in terms of performance and price. Design performs super well and for the educational aspect of this Timex Q is another beauty of quartz on the wrist. The 99% of the exact beauties from the era are exactly copied into this piece, until the simpliest detail of functional battery hatch.

At last, hope that the education and legacy from Timex can pass through the generation and last with this and upcoming stories and re-edition.

Cheers!, Danny Aw founder of

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