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Value of Journey

That morning is a quite hectic day, with the infamous traffic in J-town. Heading to South Jakarta to meet the tech and family influencer @sheggario. Ario has been a good friend of since beginning of 2018. Our first meeting is discuss about “Digital Industry” where about to launch for the first time. We met with couple of watches that belongs to Ario even up till today. However, back then Ario is a super private guy who gladly talk about his journey (especially in watches) but didn’t want to be published. Until at the end of July 2019, we met again and I pursue him to discuss about watches and proposed the theme should be about the “Journey and Sentimental Value”.

That morning Ario brought his watches that has a sentimental value to him, starting from the #PAM111, the first watch that he bought back then. This watch holds a very important meaning in Ario’s journey, which is when his business finally hit a breakeven point. but there’s an issue with Ario and his PAM because this watch is too big and not subtle to his kind style and this watch finally stay at his safety box. Move into the next that he wears a lot, which is the Seiko SKX009. This is the watch that gave him the new perspective where watches can be super casual where he can put it on a nato strap. He wears this watch a lot until when I look closer you still can see how it really preserves time and “subtle” kind of patina feeling on the hour and minute hands.

One of the best story from Ario is when he acquired the special edition Omega Speedmaster, Michael Schumacher series. This watch is the result when we sat down back in 2018 and I said “Ario you should have a watch that really represent you, about your tech things, cars and watch that looks exquisite but has a lot of value like Gordon Ramsay has with his “yellow” watch on the wrist”. And after that Ario decided to buy this Speedy. In addition, F1 is Ario’s mother favorite thing and when he wears this, it reminded him of her. He wears this watch in many occasions and from the details you can see how this watch has passed from one event to another. This watch really represent Ario (for me) and this watch is really the icon of Ario.

The stories keep going with one of the latest acquisition, the timeless Rolex 1601 non-lume dial. Watch that Ario wears for more formal event. An icon from Rolex with the pie-pan dial and 24 hours winding date adjustment.

Recently, Ario also found out one of his favorite pieces beside the Speedy, the BB58. Watch that all people talked about. The proposition in hand, in-house movement and rivet bracelet. Can’t go wrong with this stunning piece.

If you follow @sheggario on the social media, you’ll know about one of his podcasts project with Ruby called as “Thirty Days of Lunch”. In this podcast they discuss a lot of things in our surrounding, especially Indonesia (we bet you wanna listen, including the episode about watches with There’s always a mark of journey that Ario put on his collection and when it comes to this podcast he has one Seiko Spirit Smart Giugiaro Design that looks like yin-yang with his partner piece, Ruby.

After all, Ario is still looking for another piece of perfection like the GMT or Speedy Moonwatch to accompany his daily activities. As his friend, we are so excited for what’s coming up next and certainly will discuss it again with another cups of coffee.

Thank you @sheggario for this wonderful meeting and hope our readers enjoy this session. See you on the next #berdetikPARTNER!

Cheers! Danny Aw founder of

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