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Journey Around the World

September was a really great month for us, we took a break for a while and looked into the new adventure outside Indonesia. Yes, is based in Indonesia and with the reference from @watchunting we got to know our first international #berdetikPARTNER known as @not_just_a_timepiece. We feel honored that the famous duo from Malaysia would like to spend their afternoon with us discussing about watches.

At first, I have no ideas about their collections, when you are scrolling down into their account all you can see is the extraordinary vintage chronographs. It really makes me curious about their collections especially how was their journey to acquire those amazing pieces.

Finally, our meeting day has arrived and this duo showed up with a super friendly gesture and they also share the same the same passion for creative industry. The collections of @not_just_a_timepiece ranges from the 30s-40s era chronographs which is the very beginning of chronograph movement.

Omega numbered bezel with gilt dial, 37 mm in size and Cal. 33.3

Every timepiece that they have often leads to amazing stories, such as the Cal 33.3, Omega Numbered bezel in Gilt Dial. To obtain this they need to experience crazy journey all the way to Europe to meet a stranger. There is a reason why they went certainly out of their way to pursue this piece, this Cal 33.3 is part of their grail especially about in-house vintage movement where beside cal 321 and 861, Omega really well know for this. With the character of chrono at 3 and 9, with the signature look on the dial itself we can feel how charming is the timepiece. Listed down on the below collections we can see how's the root of Cal 33.3 going from their piece to piece, say the Cal. Minerva 17-29ch, Cal. Valjoux22, Cal. 13zn by Longines, Cal. Valjoux 65, Cal. Omega 28.9 last but not least the Cal gw237. If we are looking to each of them, all of this shared the same character which is the position of the chrono, but the start/stop/reset button can be different from one to another (It really sparks joy in me to start look and search into this type of calibre, thanks to this duo). 

Alpina breguet numerals in 39 mm size and Cal. Minerva 17-29ch (Geneve Sport 19)

Vetta "Ermetico", black multi-color dial in 37 mm size and Cal. Valjoux 22

Longines swivel lug fly-back chronograph, two tone multi-scale dial in 34 mm and Cal. 13zn

Eberhard "Pre-Extrafort", Breguet numerals in 40 mm and Cal. 16000 (Valjoux 65)

Minerva mono-pusher chronograph, black gilt dial in 44mm and Cal. 19-9ch

Omega Breguet numerals in gilt dial, 36mm in size and Cal. 33.3

Tissot two tone dial 40 mm in size and Cal. 15TL (Omega 33.3)

Omega Watch Co. Tissot gilt dial, in 40 mm size and Cal. 15TL (Omega 33.3)

Geneve Sport gilt dial in 25 mm size and Cal. GW237

When we are discussing about the Cal. 33.3 collected by them a brief explanation why this movement is really a standout beside the Cal.321 and 861 from Omega is Cal. 33.3 is predecessor of them. Produced only in 20 years and based on Lemania (Assumed there's only a small ammount of production for this movement which made this icon is a rare birth). This movement is not small in size and from the dial itself usually it's a complicated look with function and form follow the design.

Another amazing story from this couple from their collection is their rushed flight to Sumatra, Indonesia to exchange and claim their piece of Rolex 6536/1 “small crown” which known as the James Bond. Not just about the timepiece itself that unique which they trade with local collector but the exchange literally went in a rush where they didn't even go out of the airport and everything is done in less than 5 hours. That's what you do for love. In this case the love of Rolex.

@not_just_a_timepiece showed some oftheir collections which is less complicated as the mentioned Rolex and Eterna with Flat "Calatrava" bezel and gilt tropical dial.

If you asked me in person which chrono from them that i would like to collect it will be A.R & J.E Meylan Chronograph in 32 mm will be all time favorite for me, small in size but packed a lot of feature. And Cal 28.9 by Omega A simple and powerful pack which remind me of carrera or another vintage chrono which simplicity is their main prioritise of design.

"You can scroll down to see the beauties from @not_just_a_timepiece collections. The highlights are the difference between each chronograph but share the same DNA look."

All of those adventures are a small part of their journey which they have begun since 2013. When this #berdetikPARTNER began especially about this international series, it opened another perspective for us and how wonderful is this industry, @not_just_a_timepiece has become our good friend since. Go check out their account and have a chat with them, we bet you’ll be fullfilled by an enormous information about vintage chronograph and how friendly they are.

Time to explore and learn about this vintage chrono world, cheers,

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