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Inspired by Tin Toys Culture, is it worth the price?

It’s the first automatic watch by Lima, designed by Herman himself. A guy whom I personally known as a designer with a real good taste in shape and color. At first, when I was told about this project in 2019, I had a mixed feeling. What would Herman do about the shape? How would he transfer his visual perspective into this watch? Finally, by the end of 2020, this Lima Meca is officially launched featuring the Seiko NH35 which made this piece as the first automatic watch that Lima has ever created. Though, the downside for the “fans” is the price.

As a watch enthusiast, I really appreciate how Herman wanted to create and show the society who Lima brand really is. Through the details on the design and execution, Herman never failed to please the eyes. Though, as the market of horology grows so fast, especially in Indonesia, there’s a market which will appreciate this new upgrade. Yet, the question remained. Will the previous “fans” consider this as a worth to buy watch?

A week on the wrist after receiving the package, my first impression was “It’s insane!”. I’m really excited to see how the company and society has grown. Very well executed on the packaging which hold a lot of detail, starting from concept to how to take care of the watch (for the transition of quartz to automatic movement user, it’s really detailed and helpful). The watch itself is unique. The way Herman chose the font, color and texture of the dial is very particular. The authenticity of the design, which inspired by the Tin Toys Culture, is really on point.

Fit perfectly on the wrist with its 39mm size, hacking second movement, it’s more than enough to be the reason for me to wear it daily. It’s a fun watch to look at and not to mention the special detail on the back case with mini robot graphic.

Overall, I had a good experience with this watch and I think Herman nailed it. A good start of the first automatic watch, not to mention the experience to wind the watch with manual action winder like in the Tin Toys. Great job Lima and Herman! Can’t wait for another project of the brand and thank you for making horology brand in Indonesia looks great!

Danny Aw - Berdetik.Co

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