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Inspiration of Japan

Last week was another new experience for us, to witness the beauty of Japan craftmenship especially on the Horology World. Thursday, 5th September, we were invited to Grand Seiko event held by Independent Boutique at Pacific Place Jakarta. With the theme of “Showcasting the Art of Watchmaking” with Mr. Takuya Nishinaka from Japan. At first our research will be about Mr. Takuya himself and our curiosity branched into “The enthusiasm of Grand Seiko especially in Indonesia”.

As we all know Swiss brand enthusiasts are often heard in Indonesia, however we haven't met a lot of Seiko enthusiasts especially Grand Seiko. With the curiosity in our mind we went to the event with a great expectation cause we love Grand Seiko from the bottom of our heart. The craftmenship and inspiration are second to none in Asia countries where we can actually compare it to the Swiss made brands.

This event was held from 3.30 pm until 6.30 pm when we arrived at 2.30 pm, we can only say one word, “WOW!”. The enthusiasm is HUGE as we can say because when we are considering the timing during office rush hour, we didn’t expect this much, but it’s really amazing to see how people gather to see the beauty of this brand.

Finally, 3.30 pm arrives, it is when the even started and this event was officially opened and conducted by the people of Independent Boutique. After a couple of minutes, Mr. Takuya Nishinaka showed up and with his team they began to talk and assembly the Grand Seiko “Snow Flakes”. The beauty of the mechanism is showed and Mr. Takuya assembled the watch profesionally. It took quite a long time to make everything perfectly matched and this showed how the power of people and mechanism combined into one! A really great day to see how’s Grand Seiko especially the Spring Drive calibre work.

From this session, guests have their chance to do the Q&A session and fun part from this event is guests got their chance to have hands on experience to assembly the watch and they got to learn the basic which are thought by Mr. Takuya himself.

We also are curious about Mr. Takuya Nishinaka and found out from Seiko that he’s the Japan Skills Olympics, Watch Assembly and Repair Section Champion in 2012. From another research we also found out that Mr. Takuya Nishinaka is Master Watchmaker who’s been in touring with Seiko these past few years.

After all, this experience is the second to none for us and we hope to see and to experience more watch enthusiasm in Indonesia. See you on the next round!

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