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Get Together Moment

It's always fun to share and learn together with fellow enthusiast and got a chance to be a part of @urbanwatchesid’s GTG (Get Together) event last weekend. Spending several hours talking, watching and knowing people who are part of this industry. The beauty from this event it’s not “the value in terms of price” for each of the pieces, but the "moments" when we got to talk and know the people, their collection and the story on how they acquired the watches. 

That “family” kind of feel really attached to this group. Some jokes are thrown to each other, surprises from another pieces (new collections) and some stories about watches that they own. get to know 9 collectors around (as we mentioned @watches4jj,,,,, @samuelramna, @watchulookin, Mr. C and @watchunting). All of those members brought their watches with the intention of sharing the knowledge, the beauty of it and introducing to other members who haven’t get to know.

For me, I got the chance for the first time to get hands-on with the details of F.P Journe (Which is a REALLY AMAZING) and some beautiful pieces like (Hamilton 600 Diver, Rolex 5513, Rolex 6542, UG Tri-Compax and many more). After all, when the casual gathering done for the night, it left us with the “togetherness” and “family like feeling”, and leaving me curious for the next one to see the amazing upcoming pieces. 

As the notes and lesson from the night, I realized that community such as this get together, is very important, why? I listed down some reasons that hopefully will encourage you all watch enthusiast to find a community:

- To meet group of people that can boost our knowledge and also to share your side of knowledge too, you know there is a saying an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest!

- To refresh your “fun-side” of collecting, sometimes people get bored when they are only focusing on what they have or their preference and not exploring others

Hope to see more upcoming group ahead and get to know with the value from each of them. 

- and last but not least is to have that belonging feeling, to have my "watch family".

After all, thank you @urbanwatchesid for the amazing night and here’s the some highlight pieces from the night (a lot more that is not captured actually). Hope the best and see you on the next round!


Danny Aw founder of

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