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For the Love of Simplicity

Reissued at Baselworld 2017, the iconic Braun Quartz AW 50 has a special place on our heart. Designed by the well-known Dietrich Lubs, this iconic piece a strong statement in simplicity where the perfect quote from Bauhaus will be “Less but Better”. The dial itself contains nothing except simple lines and iconic typography by Braun on the date wheel. Marked with red (called as red chevron by Braun) arrow shape to highlight the date, gives us the functionality to look into the date window directly without being bothered by the similar color on dial. Small in size (34 mm) but perfect fit for the wrist, thanks to the iconic lugs on this AW 50. The color itself really elegant with a “steel glittery” feeling on the dial, doff body and all stainless steel case. Signed with Braun on the dial, buckle and backcase (snap type) but still make this watch really minimalist on every aspect. If you look at the crown side, it won’t be a center type position but a lil bit lower towards the back case. Hands stack perfectly without second hand even the minute track doesn't exist. A perfect match black leather strap to suit the look with the soft feeling yet sturdy enough from the thickness.

Overall this watch is a really good in a proportion of value, shape and story, especially for the one who loves German’s design and the respective brand, Braun. Thank you @thewatchco for lending us this iconic piece and this watch will always has a special place on our heart.


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