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Feels Like a Pilot, Daily

It's always a great time to dream and have a perspective of other side of world (read : job), where we can feel and experience part of other's life. Here we hands-on with the iconic IWC Pilot Mark XVIII in white dial, an amazing legibility in terms of color, case size and font.

From the moment that we hands-on with this beauty, all we know is you can't go wrong with the legibility. It's the thing that all pilot need when in flight and on their job. We also believe this watch is a perfect match for everyone who's looking for a simple yet functional piuece on the wrist. A perfect hands execution, date window, size of the font and thickness of the case, that's all you need. Personally we feel that wecan't go wrong with this one, watch for daily, a great brand and timeless design, how about you?

Danny, founder of Berdetik.Co

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