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Do you know that Rolex has its little brother or sister?

The answer is, YES. The founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf, has launched another watch called Tudor, in 1926. The founder himself has been considering for years the idea of making a watch with a more modest price than Rolex. Tudor has its own object of making and marketing that is different with Rolex.In the beginning of Tudor era, this watch has been called the ”poor man’s Rolex” due to the fact that it was more affordable. Through times passed, Tudor decided to relaunch in 2009, in order to be separated from Rolex and not been seen as the cheaper option. Since relaunch, Tudor built a different reputation with a rich and interesting history, which reflects high quality of craftsmanship and watchmaking.

Its timeline

Tudor watches are becoming an popular luxury watch brand for people to invest in.

- In 1926, Tudor was created as known as the birth of the brand

- In 1932, First Tudor watch was available in Australia

- In 1948, First Tudor specific advertising

- In 1953, Rolex launched a campaign base on robustness tests

- In 1957, The first alarm watch of Tudor

- In 1957-1963, The thinnest watch ever made by TUDOR, only 6 mm thick

- In 1969, The watch’s production moving increasingly towards robust and technical products

- In 1971-1989, The brand’s case choose to retain the nickname “Big Block and Monte Carlo”

- In 1995, The brand retained its imposing, sharp presence, became more refined and softer The use of ”heritage models" on Tudor’s watches now have been inspired by the following heritage timepieces.

- In 1952, Tudor would be included in the british scientific expedition to Greenland organised by the Royal Navy

- From 2009 onwards, Tudor has skyrocketed the market.

Its contribution through years

Through those interesting timepieces, there are the following contribution of Tudor. In 1953, Tudor subjected the brand to a range of grueling everyday such as coal miners, stonecutters and construction workers during their work, as well as being worn while working for hours or racing bikes for 1000 miles. Due to retain the reputation for quality and robustness, Tudor choose to extend the brand in creating the suitable watch for the Marine nationale française (MN), the US Navy (USN) and other important military organisations throughout the world.

Written by Berdetik.Co team.

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