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Art of Speedmaster

For those of you who expected expert review on the Speedmaster series by Omega this article won't satisfy you because it will be covering more about the important details from the vintage Speedmaster through certain period.

Hoping that readers can gain more insights on what’s going on through the period and what’s the crucial point while looking for vintage series.

Today we have a hands-on experience with couple of vintage Speedmaster which every piece has their own kind of beauty and detail. Begin with the oldest one 2998 series from 61, this Speedy has the Cal. 321 inside which considered as one of the grails beside the Cal. 861.

The details itself has the two lines text which are “OMEGA” and “Speedmaster” where the logo itself is a applied logo not printed down, pay attention to the “curly” Speedmaster text. Hands considered as one of the rarest called as “alpha” hands and the dial itself when we are looking closer and deeper, you can see there’s a step inside where we called it as the step dial.

This 2998 is considered smaller than the newer and modern Speedmaster which has the unique 19 mm lug (effect of the straight lug case), make this Speedy has a harder mission when people are looking for the match endlink (known as Number 6 End Links). Some details that we can’t miss from here is the teardrop chrono hands (look at the stacking center) and the DON (dot over nine) bezel. All of those details make this Speedy become one of the most sought after in the vintage market as the adds-on the beauty from the flat link (bracelet Ref 7912) and unique series clasp.

When you heard the “Ed White”, as one of the greatest astronaut ever live, there’s a series classified as the Ed White Speedmaster with reference 105.003. When you are looking for one, this series is worth to collect and have some details similar to 2998.

The flat link itself but with different clasp and code, DON bezel with the signature step dial, two lines text with applied logo either but without the alpha hands. Ed White Speedmaster still has the same tear drop chrono hand and similar bump out case back with carved seahorse logo. The lug has 19 mm measurement and the crown called as “Flat Feet” where it doesn’t has the protector like the modern Speedy.

The beauty from 2998 and Ed White later converted into a more modern look of Speedmaster. Still with the same hands and dial but with the add on PROFESSIONAL text, the later model with code 105.012 has another shape of case, where from the lug you can see the cursive shape aka lyre lugs with 20 mm gap (Easier to find the match end link and bracelet compared with 19 mm). Cal. 321 still beating inside this later model but different in case shape.

Tips while you are looking for “the one” until this period is to check out all of those detail, starting from the stated signature details above, the quality of the case (Is it hardly polished or light) and check out the calibre and period of the year to match all of those important points.

And we move to 145.012 series which this one has a special SOLEIL dial not like the generic 145.012, but the important aspect from this series is the 3 lines text from the dial, still with step dial, DON bezel and Cal. 321, not with the tear drop chrono hand. The difference can make a huge impact for the look and when you are looking for the shape of the case, it’s “bigger” compared to the 2998 or Ed White.

Last but not least the 3592.50 from 92, this series called as the upgrade from the Cal.861 where it has Cal.863 inside. The difference is just the finishing itself where we can look through the see through case back. 3 lines text with the printed logo and this case look is adopted for the modern Speedmaster. Look closer into the dial and you’ll find it’s not a step dial and the bezel not a DON bezel from the “90” number.

After all it’s just about the brief about Speedmaster through certain period and from each of them still lot of details to be discussed. It’s not complete but we hope it can give people and readers inside on what’s going on through the detail and period.

Happy hunting and reading, Cheers!

Danny Aw - Founder of

Ps. Thanks to for borrowing this awesome pieces for us ;)

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