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Analog Calculator by HEUER

Introduced in 1972, it comes with bigger size than the others from the era (at 45 mm diameter and 15.5 mm thick), this unique piece is definitely a choice for Heuer Fans. Not only comes in big size, but it also packed with functions, firstly as the name suggest, it performs as calculator (Rotating outer bezel and fixed on the inner) to measure distance, convert volume and weight with it own system.

From the catalog at that year, Heuer Calculator has two options in dial, blue and black. Showing here is the rare blue dial. The two subdials on 3 and 9 are the icon with orange accent hands color is the character of 70s Heuer. Some unique points from this Heuer is the winding crown position at 9 and the date function at 6. Within the design aspect, all of those factors that combined into this piece surely makes this piece center of attention. Cal. 15 and 11 and the Valjoux 7740 power this Heuer making this piece has a chrono function. Stands as analog calculator, chronograph function, date window and highlight from 70s color, is anything else that you asked for?


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