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Weekday discussion with fellow enthusiasts, @watchunting and @ernandaputra as part of Q Time event by @thewatchco. On this session we sat down together, talked casually and did some Q&A with the participants. Thank you The Watch Co for this wonderful event as the celebration of Re-issue series of Q Timex (Click this link to check out our previous review).

On this discussion we talked about the beauty of watches industry, starting from how it’s growing, the direction and people behind. Casual night passed by in 1 hour duration with some highlight points of the night.

- Buy watches that you like and you wish to see everyday on your wrist, don’t follow the trend or hype cause it won’y satisfy your needs.

- In case if you are interested in vintage watches, do a lot of research before and ask everyone including us cause we like to discussed it with you.

- Remember, vintage or vintage-modern watches it’s not just about an investment, it’s about your passion and it’ll grow through the time.

- People, community and event really play big role on the watch industry.

After all, it’s just about the discussion and opinion from each of us without anyone claimed who’s right or wrong. It’s about the beauty and balance of people and community. Be the part of it, learn together and let’s grow together.

Hope to see you again on the next session with and enjoy the upcoming journey together!

Cheers, Danny Aw - Founder of

Watchunting's watch during the night

Sliceoftime's watch during the night

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